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Environment Day Special: 8 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Plastic In Your Home

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 04-Jun-2018 - Decor & lifestyle
Environment day

Why are we so eager to get rid of plastics? After all, they’re so durable, convenient, and flexible,no?


Because, the sad reality is, they are a major threat to our environment. They’re made of material which are resistant to natural degradation and thus, take thousands of years to degrade. And few are fully non-biodegradable in that matter. Do we want to poison our Earth in such a way?


Alternatives to plastic



If the rate at which we dump plastics into our oceans continue, then the number of plastics would be more than fishes by 2050. India alone generates 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste annually. Can you imagine the repercussions?


Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year. And the theme of this year’s edition has been set to “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Yes, that’s the need of the hour, an urgent cry for help. We must shift back to eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. And what better way than taking simple yet effective steps at our home and office itself?


Here are 10 eco-friendly products that you can use at your place instead of plastic.


1. Handwoven Handbags


hand woven handbags


How many grocery shops do you know of, that offer alternatives to plastic bags? Take your time; you might not be able to recall any name.


Plastic bags are everywhere and more often than not ends up as litter – getting dumped in our oceans. So, what’s the solution?


We’ve got a better option for you. Try our handwoven handbag which has braided detailing, accents of scarlet and cream interlaced stems. It is a traditional shoulder bag from Manipur with ample space to store anything such as groceries and makeup essentials.


With this, you don’t have to worry about the changing styles, fashion, and occasions. Made from organic kouna aka water reed, it is 100% eco-friendly and flaunts an interwoven pattern of pretty braids. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with this multipurpose bag which is durable and lightweight.


Unique handicrafts


2. Tapric File Folder


tapric file folderDitch the plastic file folders you carry around in office or use to file papers at home. Pile up your desks with the handmade tapric folders - recycled, versatile, and handmade document-organiser. It makes for a creative, traditional, and environment-friendly version of your regular file folders.


Our handcrafted and hand-stitched Trash-to-cash Tapric File Folder with Kantha embroidered flap is not only a feasible alternative to plastics but also a unique combination of elegance and functionality. This multi-pocketed folder – combining bright threadwork, beautiful motifs, and fine needlework over recycled tapric – is ideal for usage in offices, schools, and colleges.


This 100% eco-friendly folder also lends a hand to the less privileged in our society. Meticulously crafted by differently abled individuals – it comes with five pockets and a holding strap, attached on top of the flap. And subtle variations in shades and textures only add to its charm.


3. Non-Toxic Yoga Mats


Non-toxic yoga mats


Do you know what yoga mats are made of? The answer is toxic plastics. It’s cheap and sticky, so easy to mass produce for a profitable business.


But at the same time, the material is harmful to your health. It contains a deadly byproduct known as dioxins, which can disrupt your hormones and immunity system. Also, it ends up in a landfill at the end of its life.


Many companies are coming up with more sustainable and environment-friendly choices such as cotton yoga mats, hyacinth yoga mats, and water reed yoga mats.


You can try the durable, anti-slip yoga mat from Kerala and render your daily asana comfortable and risk-free. Made of 100% handloom cotton, it comes in two colour choices – red and blue. Or, if you’re looking for something more soft, light, and spongy, check the Giskaa Water Reed String Yoga Mat from Assam.


Allow your senses to awaken to spiritual consciousness with toxic-free yoga mats.


4. Wooden Key Holders


wooden key holdersYou’ll find one key holder in every house. Imagine if every household replaced their plastic key holder with an eco-friendly one, we would save ourselves from piling our Mother Earth with plastic litter.


Eco-friendly and biodegradable key holders are easy to find. Divine Crafts Kundan Studded Camel Key Holder is a colourful and modern utility item with a touch of tradition. The hand-painted key holder has three hooks and depicts a colourfully decorated kneeling camel.


Or, as we all know, Lord Ganesha is one of the most loved deities in India. The exquisite handcrafted brown wooden key holder has a beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha in the centre bordered with an elaborate square design in intricate kundan work. A slim black panel at the bottom has three hooks for keys.


We are sure you’re going to love it.


5. Bamboo Momo Steamer

bamboo momo steamer

All you momo lovers in the house, raise your hands. A majority of you must love them, just like we do. After all, momos are one of the most delicious culinary creations by humans.


Did you know that plastic tiers on food steamers can contribute to health problems down the road? So, why take a risk?


Try something traditional and natural instead. Make healthy cooking simple and quick. You can prepare wholesome dimsums with our all-bamboo, handcrafted Giskaa Momo Steamer – all the way from Assam. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain and it’s the perfect addition to your collection of biodegradable cookware.




6. Terracotta Pen Stand


terracotta pen stand


Look around. Most of the décor items are made of plastic these days. When there’s serious concern about reducing the use of plastics, we are actually doing the opposite.


Stationery is everyone’s first love. And the most important item is the pen stand, which is essential for both office desks and study tables.


Now you can adorn your workplace with a beautiful handmade and hand-painted pen stand. The paint on it is subtle, yet bright enough to suit your office perfectly. This beautiful artefact is made of terracotta which makes it an eco-friendly product. One more interesting fact about it is that it is handcrafted by talented small-scale Kumhar artisans.


7. Flower Pot-Cum-Showpiece


flower pot cum showpiece


More and more brands are bringing beautiful alternatives to plastics for us. These exquisite eco-friendly home décor pieces make it easy for us to easily shift away from plastics and choose a sustainable option.


Kumhar Terracotta Shilpalaya Egyptian Mummy Flower Pot cum Showpiece is one such example of allure. Handmade with terracotta, this showpiece is entirely eco-friendly – thus a perfect pick for the eco-conscious.


This beautiful piece of art is all you would want to decorate your house with. The image of an Egyptian mummy is painted on it with natural colours, which surely gives this flower pot a glamorous look. Keep it in any corner of your house and feel its vivacious magic.


8. Wooden Traditional Tray With Tea Coasters


 wooden tea tray with tea coasterDid you know that the first coasters to be introduced were beer mats in 1880 by the German printing company, Friedrich Horn? Well, now you do.


Protect your hardwood surfaces from dripping glasses and hot mugs. This utilitarian set consists of a tray and four handcrafted square-shaped tea coasters. Made of new wood, the items are beautifully decorated with Kutch embroidery. The artwork – similar in all five pieces – is done on cloth and then framed with glass. The look is absolutely splendid.


Artist Ruchika Jain promotes the use of eco-friendly products – the key to an improved and greener Earth. Use the artefact as a showpiece in your drawing room or on the dining table for your glasses.


Green tea


The impact of using eco-friendly products instead of plastics is huge. Recently, Versova beach in Mumbai welcomed around 80 palm-sized Olive Ridley Turtles after 20 years. Why is that special?


Olive Ridley Turtles are the smallest of all sea turtles found in the world. And for the past 20 years, these turtles had stopped visiting Mumbai, due to the number of pollutants and plastics on the beaches.


But after constantly cleaning up Versova beach for over two years now, the olive turtle appeared again through the Arabian Sea.


Now, do you see how important it is to conserve our environment? This Environment Day, let’s take a pledge to switch to alternatives to plastic and contribute towards a better, brighter future for the next generation. Wouldn’t you join us?

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