1. Great shopping experience

"I have had a great shopping experience on SaleBhai and even tried to write my feedback. However, I could not find any link on your website where I could do so. Kindly provide me with the details of how to go about it. You could even include a section called ‘What Customers Say’ on your homepage to make it easier for people like me to voice their opinion. Yours is a great site and I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks."

Vijay Laxmi


2. Lots of options for festive gifts

"It was around Diwali when I was looking for gifts to give my friends and relatives that I happened to come across SaleBhai. The portal has some of the best artefacts and handicraft items and that too at competitive rates. With detailed descriptions of each product and a user-friendly interface, I could easily weigh my options. Today, thanks to SaleBhai, I need not worry when festivities are around the corner. I can choose from an array of handicrafts, organic products, chocolates, or sweets for my loved ones."

Indu Khera, homemaker


3. Authentic taste made me nostalgic

"It was through a friend that I came to know of SaleBhai and believe you me; it has been the best discovery. I ordered sandesh from the famous Ganguram of Kolkata and the delicacy reached me in just two days. It had the same delicious taste that I remember from my childhood. Today, thanks to this online market place, I can get specialities from all over India and enjoy them in the comforts of my home. Thank You, SaleBhai."

Ruchi S, dietician


4. Wide range of regional specialities

"Having served in the Indian Army as a doctor, I was fortunate enough to visit many parts of India. What stayed with me were the culture and the food of these places. SaleBhai gives me the opportunity to revisit my memories and offers all the specialities that I swore by: Shrewsbury cookies from Pune, khakhra from Gujarat, rasgulla from Kolkata, and dry fruits from Kashmir, to name a few. I am truly impressed with the wide range. Keep up the good work, SaleBhai."

Colonel G L Sachdev (retired)


5. Informative array of herbal products

"I am a big fan of organic, herbal products for my skin as well as hair. I don’t trust the numerous synthetic/chemical shampoos or soaps that have invaded our Indian markets. SaleBhai offers me 100% natural products which are a rarity in today’s world. Each of the commodities is described in detail with a complete list of ingredients, its usage, and benefits. The information helps me make an informed decision. I recommend SaleBhai to all my friends and hope to be associated with it for a long, long time to come."

Lt. Col. Nirmal Sinha (retired), Lucknow


6. Excellent service along with free gift

"This was my first order on SaleBhai and I have to compliment the portal on its excellent service. My parcel arrived within 18 hours and in perfect condition. I could tell it had been packed with a lot of care. I even got the famous sev of Indore as an unexpected free gift. The great shopping experience brought a smile to my face. Thanks again and best wishes."

Pooja Singhal, New Delhi


7. Awesome website

"It was when I met Ashu Nigam, who is heading the sales and marketing of SaleBhai, that I realised how a simple yet well-planned idea can change your life. This alumnus of DEI, MBM (that too its first batch) has not only been able to successfully implement the idea of an online market place but also has a lot of innovative ideas for its growth. Do check their website. It is awesome."

Shabd Mishra, Agra


8. Easy access to Indori namkeen

"I have stayed in Indore before hence I like the namkeen there. I order a few of them on regular basis from SaleBhai - and when I visit any of my friends on weekends, I give them as gifts. They feel very happy that I have brought this from Indore especially for them."

Birendra Mohanty, Mumbai


9. Hyderabad cookies in Ahmedabad

"I had once gone to Hyderabad and got a chance to taste Karachi Bakery cookies. I was just floored. After a long time, I am now able to get those cookies delivered in Ahmedabad, thanks to SaleBhai."

Devesh Dand, Ahmedabad


10. Lovely berries

"The Rostaa Mix Berries is absolutely delicious. Great when you mix it with cereal, great when you mix it with custard, great all by itself as well. Two thumbs up for this product."

Bhaswati Saikia, Guwahati


11. Speedy delivery

"I once tasted Rage dark chocolate when I had gone to Bengaluru - and I loved it. Seeing it on SaleBhai, I ordered it out of nostalgia and was delighted to get it the very next day. Amazing range of products and speedy delivery. Very good."

Dibyendu Deb Roy, Silchar


12. Really fresh products

"When I first came across this platform, I was a bit sceptical to be honest. But, the products on offer were too tempting. So, I decided to give it a try. The super-fast delivery and excellent packaging came as a pleasant surprise. I had ordered Kesar Mohanthal and was delighted with the freshness and quality that I got. Thank you SaleBhai for sourcing products directly from their places of origin. With this website around, I think it is safe to say that the days of original-like products are numbered. Cheers."

Parnasabari Bhattacharyya, Kolkata


13. Easy to send regional delicacies as gifts

"I wanted to send my niece, who was then in Bangalore, some authentic Bengali rasgulla and sandesh.  As an arthritis patient, the thought of having to buy and then pack and then courier the same was frightening for me. Then a friend told me about this portal. The exact products were delivered fresh before the promised date. Now I know for sure that my movement constraints will not stop me from sharing happiness with my family. Thank you, SaleBhai."

Sipra Ganguly, Kolkata


14. Best way to send gifts in India

"I wanted to send something to my parents in India on Valentine’s Day. I got to know about SaleBhai on Google and immediately placed an order. To my surprise, my parents got those items in two days. That was amazing."

Purnima, Omaha (USA)


15. SaleBhai: a 'bhai' who is trustworthy

"For the first time, I ordered something online for Valentine's. It definitely made my day. SaleBhai is now my bro for online shopping. This 'bhai' sure has a good heart."

Dolly Chauhan, Ahmedabad


16. Going international

"Nice website and a great ecommerce concept. Are you guys planning to go international?"

Sujit, Florida (USA)


17. Engaging website

"Your website is excellent.It gives a feeling as if I am with someone very engaging."

Priya, Hyderabad


18. Original quality & taste

"We ordered confectionary and namkeen in bulk from SaleBhai for our home function. We found the quality and taste very original. It was worth the price and wait. Highly recommended!"

Deepa Verma, Lucknow


19. Awesome!

"An awesome site and equally awesome products. Keep it up!"

Mandeep Singh


20. Delicious sweet from Kolkata's Ganguram

"I had heard a lot about Ganguram Vino Sandesh from Kolkata. I finally ordered it from SaleBhai and must say it is ecstatically delicious and mouth-watering.The inner layer holds the best part of this sweet. I highly recommend it to others.Try it once."

Toral Sanghadia


21. Excellent & fresh quality

"Received the first order of mine - the product quality is excellent and fresh. We are really happy. Best wishes!"



22. Fresh delivery

"Thank you very much for the superb customer service. We are overwhelmed. The items delivered so far have been fresh and tasty. We are regretting not knowing about SaleBhai earlier. Great going. Keep it up."

GV Sudhindra


23. Authentic, traditional food

"An excellent platform for those who want to taste the authentic, traditional food items of a particular place despite being in a different distant place. An awesome initiative by the founders of this group to satisfy the needs of those who miss their home town. I have tried many items through this site and found them to be really fresh and better in taste than the ones available in the market."

Surabhi Chaudhury


24. Goodies from all over India

"I have been checking your site and am quite happy that we can now order speciality sweets & snacks from different parts of the country instead of depending on request to friends to send us special delicacies of their hometowns. Useful, very useful. Best wishes for your success in this unique venture"

R. K. Markan, Chairman, H&K India


25. Minimum delivery time

"I had ordered sweets on your platform and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and freshness of the product. The delivery time was minimum, making my experience even better. This forced me to order more sweets and mangoes on your website. Hope to use your portal more in coming days."

Sanjiv Bansal


26. Prompt response

"Received my order of mangoes and kondapalli toys in no time at all. Thanks a lot for your prompt response and delivery. Keep up the good work."



27. Awesome products & excellent delivery speed

"I had ordered rossogolla from your site and I must say that I am highly impressed by the quality, freshness, and delivery speed. Keep up the good work."

Samit Katiyar


28. Unique concept & portal

"A unique concept and portal for things we are connected to. Apart from products from famous vendors, it's about the convenience it provides me right from my desk. I have tried sweets, namkeen, chocolates, fudge, and spices from this site and can now vouch for its authenticity and service. Good luck, SaleBhai. You do rock!"

Dipti Ranpara Udani


29. Great corporate gifting collection and delivery

"Thanks to SaleBhai for being big enablers in all of us here at Crayon, experiencing Diwali through your great collection of artefacts and chocolates, and of course for delivering the gifts with such warmth and fervour. A big Thank You once again from my whole team. You have brought smiles on all our faces!"

Anushree Rai, Head HR (Crayon Software Experts India Private Limited)


30. Good quality chocolate

"I got my product (Chocoexotica). Chocolate quality is very good. I appreciate your service and I am very happy(with it)."
Dhruv Patel
31. Timely Delivery, Good Packaging, Delicious Product
"I am utterly pleased by the fact that SaleBhai adhered to the scheduled delivery date and delivered our package at the right time, which came in absolutely good shape and securely. I'd also like to thank Omi Sweets, Mussorie for the same. The sweets are as fresh as they could be and delicious. I'm very pleased with your service and quality." 



32. Like the delivery and rates

I had placed my first order in late December and the second one in the last week of January. I really liked the products being delivered and also appreciate the rates at which the service has been provided. I am grateful to get a service like this and would definitely keep on ordering on SaleBhai. I wish the team great success in coming times.
Vasu Goel, Delhi
33. Good Mahashivratri Prasad
Delighted to have received the (Lal Peda from Varanasi as Kashi Vishwanath Mahashivratri) prasad. It is really very good. Thank you.
Dr PC Kalita, Guwahati
34. Helpful Customer Support
Kudos to your customer support executive who guided me through my order. Earlier when I tried, there was an issue with the payment as Salebhai server was rejecting it. Now it has been resolved. Regards and best wishes.
Prof. K C Shashidhar