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Yoga Day 2019 Special: Top 5 Yoga Bloggers In India

by TEAM SALEBHAI - 20-Jun-2018 - Cultures & Festivals
Yoga Day

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The noted yoga legend, Alan Finger, rightly said, “Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.” Yoga is believed to be practised in India since pre-vedic times. Disciplining your physical, mental, and spiritual health by following this way of exercise brings an overall positive change. The first recognised proof of gaining a steady control of your own senses with yoga was found in the Katha Upanishads. It has now become a global phenomena that crossed all borders.


Yog, as it is pronounced in Sanskrit, was introduced to the world much later. It became popular in the west during 1980s and was welcomed with much enthusiasm and vigour. The root word behind it is – Yuja, which means to align, to hold, or to bind. Hatha yoga and raja yoga are the two most widely known forms practised all over the world.


Our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, first proposed the idea of having an International Yoga Day at the 69th session of United Nations General Assembly held on 27th September, 2014. Many consultations followed and large  support from global leaders made it happen. And the first Yoga Day was celebrated across the world on 21st June, 2015.


UNESCO listed yoga as an intangible cultural heritage on 1st December, 2016.


Plenty of studies have been done and many are still underway to determine the effectiveness of practising yoga religiously to treat health problems such as schizophrenia, asthma, heart diseases, and cancer.


On the third anniversary of International Yoga Day, we bring you the top five yoga bloggers who’ll give you major fitness goals.


1- Samrat Pasham


Samrat Pasham

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This Bengaluru techie will amaze you with the ease he executes the toughest of asanas. Would you believe if we tell you that this Bangalorean was just like any of us a few years ago? He loved eating and drinking like nothing else. It was when he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism that something hit him. The young man weighed 101 kgs, had stress-related issues, and a disrupted metabolism. He knew it was time for a change. He thought of dieting and joined many weight loss programs and gyms but nothing worked.


One day, someone suggested yoga to him. But he was not convinced that it can do some real good to him. However, since he had lost hopes from all other ways, he thought of giving it a try. And he joined yoga classes. For quite some time the only apparent difference he saw was that he started enjoying waking up in the morning and heading to a place where he could breathe freely and discover different ways his body could move in. Yoga was bringing about small yet significant changes in his body and mind. And he was loving it. The yogi noticed that he had become much calmer, more patient, and a more tolerant person. And that’s where his journey to a fitter version – mentally and physically – started and the results are clear for the world to see. Today, this yoga blogger is in perfect shape with every parameter of his health at its best.


Samrat is now a full-time yoga trainer, based in Hyderabad. He also blogs on a constant basis and offers corporate yoga sessions. His blog – Yoga With Samrat – teaches everything one needs to get started with this science. From the easiest asanas to the most challenging ones – you can learn all step-by-step.


No wonder the popular yogi has a whooping 7679 followers on Instagram. Aren't you looking up for him already? That’s the best pledge to take this yoga day.


Favourite yoga exercise

Surya Namaskar, Vajrasana, and Savasana.


Energy drinks


2- Natasha Noel


Natasha Noel  

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Noted British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said, “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” And the Mumbai-based yoga and lifestyle blogger, dancer, and health enthusiast proved this adage just right. She saw her mother burning herself to death when she was just three and a half, at seven she was sexually abused by a male servant, and by 15 years of age she was molested and abused by many of her uncles, relatives, and cousins. All this led to Natasha feeling low, dejected, and depressed at all times. She found solace in playing the victim card and felt herself pulled into a deep dark void.


At 17, she thought she had found her reason for living – and that was dancing. But like everything else so far, this also did not go well. She had a major fall, even after which she got back to dancing again but not for too long. Unfortunately, she had liquid in her knee, which forbade her from pursuing dance any further. And things got worse when her five year old relationship came to a rough end. Drinking and smoking were amongst the many not-recommended habits she got into to face everything that came her way. Or at least she thought it helped.


But like it’s said, “Where there’s a will there's a way.” While her broken knee did not allow any exercise, her strong will knew no bound. She started with shunning junk food and eating healthy food. And then came yoga. She began watching videos and bought many yoga books. And the journey to a healthier body, mind, and soul started.


Today she’s a certified yoga trainer, successful blogger, and an influential Instagram yogini. She also teaches dance yoga – which is absolutely fun and exciting. Check out her blog – Soulful Happiness – and you’ll be bowled over.


There’s a reason why she has 12,964 followers on Facebook and a mind boggling 151k on Instagram. Go check her out and get inspired.


Favourite yoga exercise

Child pose, puppy pose, and Kapalbhati.


Yoga mat


3- Deepika Mehta


Deepika Mehta

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An adventurous spirit can never be curbed. In 1997, Deepika had a near-death experience. While the doctors saved her, there was something they said she will never be able to do. And that was walking. But her undeterred spirit and enthusiasm were unstoppable.


After having thought of almost all alternatives, she finally decided to practice yoga. Regular meditation and pranayama brought a positive change in her physical as well as mental health. And she found herself drawn towards this age-old principle more and more.


She went on to the Sivananda Yoga Kendra in Kerala and completed her teacher training successfully. She has been a pupil of yoga gurus such as Pattabhi Jois, Richard Freeman, Dena Kingsberg, Prem Carlisi, Rolf Naujokat, and Lino Miele. Her TV show Yoga City has gained love and appreciation by one and all.


This ardent yogini was the master trainer in the famous TV show – The Biggest Loser. She was also featured in Vogue and Elle India. Her life is an example of hope, strength, faith, determination, and love. Mehta resides in Mumbai and takes regular fitness and yoga classes there.


Check out her Instagram profile, with 150k followers, to get inspired to live life to the fullest. You can also find her active on Facebook giving new life and fitness-goals to her 11526 followers.




4- Ajay Tokas


Ajay Tokas

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Born and brought up in a traditional hindu family, Ajay Tokas was influenced by the ways of our religion since very early. During his visit to pilgrimages with his family, he was deeply impressed by sages standing in different postures. He grew up seeing his mother practise bhakti yoga, and the desire to live a yogic life got hold of him.


As he grew up, he started visiting ashrams all over India. He then got trained in bhakti and karma yoga. This gave him a chance to meet many gurus who imparted him their profound knowledge in asanas that help in spiritual as well as physical well-being.


However at this stage he never had any intention of taking it up as anything more than physical exercise and never thought he would be able to do the more demanding positions. But he eventually did. He visits his Guru Shri R. Sharath Jois in Mysore every year and is currently striving to become an expert in the fourth series.


He’s a level 2 Ashtanga yoga teacher, based in Delhi. He even taught yoga in Siberia for a couple of years. And has traveled to many countries including China, Russia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Thailand. The yogi strongly believes that by following this discipline religiously one can attain self-realisation. According to him, yoga is an internal practise not an external one.


Get inspired and get going. Sneak-peak at his Instagram profile with 14.4k followers and Facebook. And you would be stunned by this star.


5- Radhika Bose aka Yogasini


Radhika Bose/ Yogasini

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A fitness freak since childhood, Radhika loved going to public parks for a jog or sprints with her father. From swimming, cycling, to running, she has been active since always. She learnt Bharatanatyam for 10 years and started practising yoga when she was in her first year of graduation. With regular yoga, she found her body becoming more agile and the various spasm that happened after workouts were gone forever.


The young and beautiful waffle-fan can give serious fitness goals to even the finest of you. Don’t believe us? Go check out her Instagram profile and your jaw will drop. No wonder she has a mammoth of 82.5k followers. Besides practising yoga for an hour everyday, she sometimes goes out for a run or walk, and sticks to a no-carb, high-protein diet. And of course, like most of us, she also lets it go and hogs on everything once in a while. The feeling of conquering an obstacle works as her driving force and keeps her going day after day.


Her blog – Yogasini – is a complete teaser. You can get all the inspiration you are looking for from there.


Favourite yoga exercise

Chakrasana, camel pose, and eagle pose.


Yoga Facts

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What we have to say


“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down,” said the famed ayurvedic consultant, Jigar Jog. There’s a reason why this invaluable heritage of India is practised all over the world. No gym, diet, or any other workout routine can do wonders that yoga can do to your mind, body, and soul.


Yoga is a way of living. It’s something you do for your body. Practise this global discipline for a healthier you – mentally and physically .


The third International Yoga Day calls for a positive change in your habits. Deeps breaths are like little love notes to your body. And yoga is the best way to send these love-filled messages to your precious self.


When you’re done, how about checking out some stunning beauty bloggers from Pune? Because getting inspired and learning new things is a never ending process.


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Yoga day
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Yoga day